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this is the first blog i have ever written, does that make me behind the times? first I read ladykassie's and thought, I might do this. then i read photojay's and since he is my mentor.. i must follow in his footsteps. :-) well sort of, i had made my mind up before reading his, sorry jay.

just a note of warning i can be long winded. but i will try to behave. oh, and as i warn most , i hardly ever capitalize and some times mix up grammatical marks. i apologize to any and all scholars who will be offended by my casual style.

when i think about selling images i have created,whether with a camera or photo shop illustrations, it blows me away that anyone wants to buy something I have created. First, because I have been told in the past I have no talent, though my dear daddy always told me otherwise. secondly, because it is something i am doing for me.

as a wife and mom, part time caregiver to my mom, since dad passed away this year and my 84 year old mother in law, feeder of fish,cats and birds, homemaker, cook,grocery shopper, etc,etc,etc. creating images is for me.

sure i have hopes of helping hubby retire someday, he will be my trusty assistant. but this is for me, for my well being, my self esteem, an outlet for my creative spirit that has been suppressed by life for too long. see, i believe as a Christian, i have a great creative spirit within me, He gives me the ability and the desire to create, and when i don't i feel very overwhelmed.

my photography is dedicated to my dad for all his wonderful love and the gift of capturing our family all my life. but my over all creative spirit is dedicated to my Lord and i pray i serve Him well.

shooting photos, creating images, i am transported away from my cluttered house and into a world of color,order,precision and completion. i can't stay there long , but i sure do enjoy my visits and look forward to going each day.


Denise Milana Beverly
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I am in constant wonder of the world that God has created for us.
I owe any and all interest in photography to my daddy.

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