Jumping into Stock Photography

This is my first foray into Stock Photography. I've been interested in photography for quite some time and I've always wanted to realize the full potential of a quality camera. A couple of years ago I bought the camera, but for some reason I found myself only taking shots with the full Auto setting on. I recently realized that this was like owning a Porsche for a five minute commute. I clearly wasn't getting the full potential of the camera.

I started reading all I could and trying to digest all of the information. It wasn't easy. There is a ton of information in the field of photography and I wasn't going to learn it all in one sitting. I determined very quickly that the best thing to do was to start taking pictures, experiment, and then look at the results with a critical eye.

Once I started taking pictures that I like, I decided that I may want to monetize my hobby and Stock Photography seemed like a great opportunity. I took what I thought were my best images and uploaded them for review. I was quickly disappointed, but at least I received positive and helpful feedback.

I use that feedback as inspiration to really figure out how to take quality and valuable photos. I feel that since I've started submitting to Stock Photo sites, I've started to make the transition from taking snapshots to taking photographs.

Photo credits: Jeremy Randall.

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Welcome to DT, Its a great community!!


Hello and welcome. I'm new to photography and DT myself, but am loving it so far, even with no sales and a lot of rejections. it certainly made me more interested in photography than before, because now i have something to aim for. Good luck!


Hello, I am also quite new and a hobbyist. I have found that Dreamstime feedback on rejected images is extremely constructive and detailed. Read it carefully and learn from it and your rejection rate should diminish. I started with a lot of rejections but now I find it easier to get an image through the inspections. If only there was something like it to learn about increasing my sales! :-) Good luck! Ewapix


Welcome! I wish you Good luck!


Hello, Jeremy! Welcome to our team,
Good luck you here!


Welcome to DT! Just don't get discouraged by rejections as we've all had our share. Just use them as learning experiences that will definitely improve your photographic ability.


Good luck the learning curve is steep but very rewarding! It has improved me as a photographer in ways that extend far beyond shooting for stock!


Good luck on your learning curve journey !


Welcome to DT!!!


Yep, you are going to look back in a few months and realize how much you've learned and improved! Best of luck!


Welcome, the DT community is very supportive and they are simply great people. I am sure you'll enjoy being here, like me. All the best!


Welcome, enjoy your time here with this great community.


Welcome among us Jeremy! I really hope it's a long uphill start your own with many approvals and sales!


Welcome to the club! I wish you much success.

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