Just another newbie..........

Hi Dreamstimers,

I've been posting only since Nov. '08 & now have 51 photos online. Some of them seem to be getting a lot of looks, but so far only 3 sales. Reading some of your blogs & hearing about the learning curves others have gone through is encouraging & helpful. It seems logical that the more uploads you have, the better your chances at making a sale, so I'll just keep trying & see what happens.

Anyway, just want to thank all you bloggers that have issued words of encouragement to all us newbies!

Keep Shooting,


Photo credits: Conchasdiver.

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I have to learn more about the keywords - still don't understand how all that works. Thanks;
Irisangel & Eclecticelegange,
Thanks for the comments - I think this is going to be fun!


Thanks for the thoughtful comments - its all good advice & I will take it to heart. Once again thanks for taking the time!


Hi mate, its not only more images, you should think what a designer or art director wants, put yourself in a designer show and think if this image is worth downloading. there are some very great images, its the best but no downloads, that means designers doesn't need that best image. Always do a checklist while you plan the shoot, the angle the color and everything, when you shoot you think from a designers perspective and that image will sell. there are many blogs out here in DT, just spend some time here read them understand them and execute what you learnt, sales will follow on its own.


I'm a newbie, too! Thank you for posting the blog article!


I think a very important part of stock photography is having people find your photos in the search. So one is having good keywords and the other is just having a lot of photos in your portfolio. You are off to a great start. I to wish you success.


Welcome to DT! Your Portfolio looks great. Wonderful underwater shots. Very colorful also. I wish you much success here.

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