Just commemorate my trip in Quanzhou

Last time I travelled to Quanzhou was three years ago. Though Quanzhou is not a big city in China, its history impressed me a lot.

In my former years I lived in shanghai, which is surrounded by modern buildings. When I went to Fujian in south china, I had the chance to see what the countryside is and what the history is. I have never met such a city which was found serval thousand years age like Quanzhou.

In such a city, I just made me to image the flourish of this city in the ancient time. How the Muslim and the Han nationality lived together. Though the historic site was destroied by fire, we can still feel the grandeur of the ancient people.

If there is a another chance in the future, we wish I can go to Quanzhou again. To commemorate those people and those history.

© Fjord

Photo credits: Wenyan Wu.

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