Just a credit for the newbies - 3

Following the initiative promoted by Tonygers I think that will be a good idea to buy photos from newbies using the credits earned for blogging.

These photos are from Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. She comes from Simferopol, Ukraine.

I bought this image. I loved it, nothing else to say...

Good luck with your Dreamstime career!!

Photo credits: Ekaterina Pokrovskaya.

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September 11, 2007


It's very unexpectedly and pleasantly! Thanks a lot for credits and... I have first sale!:)

September 10, 2007


The horse looks like he's ready for a nuzzle. :)
These images, like all of others posted in the past in the same respect, really remind us that just because an image hasn't been discovered yet doesn't mean it isn't great.

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