Just a credit for the newbies - 4

Following the initiative promoted by Tonygers I think that will be a good idea to buy photos from newbies using the credits earned for blogging.

These photos are from Diego Torroija. He comes from Altamonte Springs , United States.

I bought this image. I loved so much pumpkins together!!

Ahahah... so funny!!! The good shot at the good moment!!

And now... some falling leaves... just to remember we are near to autumn...

Good luck with your Dreamstime career!!

Photo credits: Diego Torroija.

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September 12, 2007


I also love images of fall! They take me back to when I was a kid during the autumn season. We lived in a farming community, and everyone used their leftover crops to create yard decorations. It was a lot of fun! We always had bails of hay/straw for backgrounds and stands, more leaves than we could imagine, huge bundles of corn stalks, and pumpkins galore! I used to make scarecrows until I ran out of stuff. :) I used old clothes (you know, the jeans with so many holes you're embrassed to wear them) and stuffed them with straw and/or leaves. Sometimes I would make the face out of an old corn ear bag and draw a face on it, or if we had the perfect pumpkin, I'd use that. :)

September 12, 2007


HAHA! I love the cow!! It looks so care-free!

September 11, 2007


i think thats a very good idea.the noobys will be very keen and may get dishartened when they realise how hard it actually is.i think i will buy some just for the heck of it. :)

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