Just a credit for the newbies - 4

Following the initiative promoted by Tonygers I think that will be a good idea to buy photos from newbies using the credits earned for blogging.

These photos are from Diego Torroija. He comes from Altamonte Springs , United States.

I bought this image. I loved so much pumpkins together!!

© Usphoto ( Help)

© Usphoto ( Help)

Ahahah... so funny!!! The good shot at the good moment!!

© Usphoto ( Help)

And now... some falling leaves... just to remember we are near to autumn...

Good luck with your Dreamstime career!!

Photo credits: Diego Torroija.

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September 12, 2007


HAHA! I love the cow!! It looks so care-free!

September 11, 2007


i think thats a very good idea.the noobys will be very keen and may get dishartened when they realise how hard it actually is.i think i will buy some just for the heck of it. :)

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