Just happy, never give up pays

Hi Photomaniacs,

Got my 100 picture sold milestone and how: 40 pictures sold in one day... it is a Shame that I do not know who the buyer is cause I want to thank him/her for buying all those pictures!

All the pictures purchased are from Ghent... my lovely home-town, I selected a few for you to see on this happy day for me.

So you see, never give up really pays... and this day got me even more motivated!

Thank you Buyer/buyers, to have given this sudden interest in my pictures!

These are five sells from the 40:

Roue de paris (ferry wheel) in Ghent, Christmas

Coca Cola trays, Belgian branch in Ghent

Coca Cola flags, Belgian branch in Ghent at night and ghelamco Arena football stadium

Detail of the wooden construction of the Peace monument in the southern part of the Green Pool Ghent Bru

The forgotten harbor in Ghent, Abandoned factory

Hoping to see those pictures one day in a lovely magazine!

Wishing all my fellow photographers the same results and keep on shooting!


Photo credits: Bart Cleymans.

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May 18, 2016


Hey that's amazing...hoping the same for me too...

May 17, 2016


Thank All !!! , Yeah someone is buying a lot of pictures from Ghent, Thanks!

May 17, 2016


Congratulations! Your photos are beautiful, keep up the good work!

May 17, 2016


Yesterday I also sold 5 GHENT files)))) Someone is really chasing Ghent photos))

May 16, 2016


Congratulations! I can imagine how excited you were on those sales!

May 16, 2016


Congrats!! These are really great pictures. I have been taking tons of pictures in my region of Kentucky in the USA, the mountains are absolutely breathtaking, I've captured rivers, wildlife, waterfalls, clouds, etc. and I am truly proud of my work. My brother, who lives in Florida, should be a well paid professional photographer! He made a book for me with some of my faves in it. Nowadays, there are just WAY TOO MANY SCAMS on the internet for selling your photos. It would be great to know about a legitimate site that will purchase them and how to copyright them. I suppose I could find out about the copyright protection on Google search. The information, I'm sure, will be legitimate, however, I'm well aware that good keywords can get one's site ranked as a top site, but I've seen some that rank well but I'm not satisfied with the material I'm finding about selling photos. If you would be so obliged, my email address is julzb2173@gmail.com. Plz feel free to drop me a line if you are willing to help with suggestions about where to sell. (No SPAM please!) Thanks for sharing your magnificent work and again, congratulations!!

May 16, 2016


Thanks Perstock, it is a great feeling...:D

May 16, 2016


Great feeling :-) Congrats Bart!

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