Just when I was discouraged... the thrill of selling!

I recently listed three Illustrator files, my first. All were rejected because simple Illustrator files were now only accepted in sets. My Polka Dots would have to be consolidated into one file, which I will do.

Just when I felt at the lowest, I received two sales. I am thrilled!!

Photo credits: Edonalds.

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August 06, 2011


Rejections always disappoint me, but I try to understand the reason for rejection and learn from them so as not to keep repeating my mistakes. :) Try to think of it as a learning experience instead. It's nice that after getting bad news, you got good news in the form of sales! Sales always make me happy too. Best wishes to you and stay positive! :)

August 06, 2011


I was disappointed when my photos were rejected. But I learnt from the explanation given by DT. Once in a while, there are sales coming in. That's the magic of sales! More sales to u!

August 06, 2011


It's amazing what a sale will do for your spirits. Congrats

August 06, 2011


That´s great! Congrats for the sales! I wish you many more!

August 06, 2011


Do not get discouraged, you must have patience and keep high your passion for illustration and photography!

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