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Follow in the footsteps of the legendary polar explorer Willem Barents and the whalers and go on a trip to the most northern inhabited town: Svalbard. Choose beautiful expeditions and overnight on the most special addresses.

From sleeping on a ship that is frozen in the pack ice to Isfjord Radio Station, one of the most isolated wilderness hotels in the world. Or stay the night in a hotel built of driftwood washed up, slate and animal skins.

And have a life time experience and see the Northern light.

Photo credits: Erectus.

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October 05, 2013


You really are so lucky to see the aurora! Aurora is spectacular! Photo is very beautiful!

October 04, 2013


Surely...experiencing Norther light is one in my bucketlist

October 04, 2013


I used to take photos in freezing cold winter nights back in Germany - and I liked it. So I can really imagine to visit a "ice hotel" if I have the chance to take some pics like that above.

October 04, 2013


Very impressive image ! I don't fancy life in the cold !

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