Just need some feedback "VERY IMP & URGENT"

Hello all photographers here, I have just designed a photo website for one of the client, its not released yet, but I would like to get feedback from fellow photographers about this site. If anything to be included or removed, please provide your valuable suggestion, good or bad, this helps me to correct my mistake.

the website is here Robeya Photography

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Thanks to everyone who suggested the changes, I will discuss with my client again.
No little desire she isn't on DT yet, she thinks these stock site pays very less, Im still pushing lets see


She's not at DT?!?! Oh, my!


Yeah Littledesire you have a point but its hard to convince the client, so many people are still in stone age, I had one visit from IE 5,

Petroruth, those are not my images, thats my clients, trying hard to convince her to be DT, so I can make some money.


When I first read the blog I was at work. There were still no comments yet, but I used IE6 :)))) , so I decided not to post anything (felt like I was in stone era). But now I see it the way it should be and I like it. Maybe some changes, said by mani would be nice!


Hi your photo's look great the lay out may be a bit busy but not knowing what your clients needs are it is hard to make suggestions. Peter


thanks for ll the comments, these comments will surely help me to convince the client what to use, yeah I agree on most of the things, but the client doesn't want to Listen, this reminds me of the blog Macdaddy wrote few weeks back. This freelance work really hard.

Let the comments flow so it will help me as most of the people who commented here are photographers themselves.

Hey mani, I agree with login placement, but actually in this site there will be no users apart from the client's client.


There are still many companies that use IE6 because they had application developed for IE6 that are not compatible with IE7 or IE8. Question is, could this be possible clients?
I would keep this front page more simple. It is the showcase for your clients business.
Overall I like the design and feel of the website.


Hi there, I am a webdesigner and in general it's pretty nice colours and layout but I have a tip for you...
- Don't rush too many things in the first page! I mean don't make it a long page with big scroll.
- If I were you I will take off the second line big image because it's taking the impact of the top dynamic horizontal scroll.
- The login area should be more accessible not the footer of the page.
- Maybe you can make the empty black space between the logo and the menu a bit thinner.

That's all about the first page, I have to check the sub menus later...

Cheers ;)


Haha, IE6 for me at work, too...I'll check it at home, but first sight seems well-designed.


Love the colours you have chosen. Two comments. My monitor resolution is at 1024X768 which I believe is standard for most monitors. But I still have to scroll horizontally. I think most users would be a little bit annoyed with this. Also the photo just below the film strip seems to be displayed off centered to the right. I'm using Firefox 3.0.11. I hope that helps.


Hei! I'm at work right now, and I have only IE 6 and no rights (admin rights) to change, modify or install something :(.
At home I use Firefox, I dont like IE, but here I'm "forced" to use this...


I am not a web designer, but I must say I like so much the web. Eesp. the "strip" of images in the beginning up the page... because of this I was a little lost and I have noticed after awhile that the web continue "down". I like the idea that the text appears among in a frame among images. Down is a very nice mosaic of photos.


Asyan, are you still using IE, oh my god, wake up man, or atleast if you are IE addict use IE7 or IE 8
But the latest technology doesn't support IE6 I wish we could do something for IE


I'm not a web designer...but, maybe, you can make the site to work good also whit Internet Explorer version 6.

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