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I am just getting started and don't pretend to know anything about photography. I just enjoy it and hope to learn as I go and possibly make some money.

I currently have 19 approved photographs and 22 pending. My current goal is 50 approved.

I have been selling digital downloads at another site (not a stock site, but an arts/craft site.)I mostly sell alphabet letters that people put together to form names or words. Creativity counts and quality doesn't seem to be a factor in which photos I sell most often. (just a fact!)

Some of the most popular are highly altered or low MP's and not acceptable to any stock companies. However, I like the idea of being able to submit photos and have dreamstime do all the work with the other website I have to do a lot of promoting.

My current camera is not good quality just a Coolpics and it will have to do for a few more months and then I will upgrade. With that in mind can you tell me what you think about my photographs?

Do you think these have a chance of selling here? Am I wasting time with these types of subjects? Should I stop submitting until I get a better camera? Any helpful critique is appreciated!

Thanks, Michelle

Photo credits: Somadlyinlove.

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June 09, 2014


Hi, I am past the 100 photo sale mark so I achieved my goal this year. I signed up in 2006 with a cheap camera. I slowly upgraded my equipment and continue learning. I suggest that you look around the website, familiarize yourself with it. Start clicking on your favorite photographers so you can have a nice collection of pictures to look at for inspiration. Don't second guess what might sell, (I am not that good at this) so just photograph whatever pleases you and check similar submissions before you post to give you an idea on what sells. I click on "best selling," "latest uploads" and "lowest prices." It will help you get a feel for the market and see what sells best. (It helps me rate my picture against the best and the not so popular.) I can tell you that a cluttered background is the number one problem. Dull colors don't pop either. Train yourself to look at your photo as a thumbprint too. What first impression do you give? How do you stand out among the thousands of pictures? Of course, make sure the photo is technically perfect, then look for the X factor... It can be lighting, creativity, a simple clear concept, etc. I look at Dreamstime as an agency delivering objective feedback for free! It's an excellent training ground, a learning tool that you can eventually turn into a money-making venture. Whatever stage you are at, enjoy the process. I wish all the best!

May 27, 2014


I also signed up about 5 years ago and have about 13 sales. I have my images in about 3 sights and have many, many rejections. I was encouraged by someone from Dreamstime that we have to remember that there are so many pictures and professionals, so hang in there and just keep shooting. I really need to get out more that it is spring. No excuse, if even 15 minutes/day or whatever we can afford. Best of luck! It's good to know there are a lot of us trying to constantly approve. Regards your last photo, I especially like it. It's so simple. Have you checked it 100% to check for flaws and make changes to what needs changing. The one hanging over the lines is too distracting. That's one thing agencies don't want. The bear is too dark. The wheel is cool. I would suggest checking out the wheel at 100% also and then submit both. Let me know how goes.

May 27, 2014


I signed up about 5 years ago but only really started adding anything this year .. I've had 368 approved so far and 19 sales ... I also get my share of rejects but at least I am reassured the images that do get approved have been thoroughly checked over for noise and sharpness .. good luck everyone :)

May 26, 2014


I've just started submitting my photos as well (I've been taking them for years). I've managed to get 146 approved so far...I honestly didn't know if I'd get 1!

Selling one will be another matter though :-)

There's a website called microstockinsider.com (nothing to do with me) but I've found it full of helpful advice...particularly for us newbies...hope it's of interest.

Good luck.

May 21, 2014


Yes! I'm up to 56 today and still climbing. Next goal is 75 I'm learning what my camera does best and that seems to be Macro shots with lots of natural light. Seems to be a lot of noise when the light is not bright enough. I haven't tried software to reduce it yet, that is on my list of things to do! Thank you so much for the complements it is nice to do something I enjoy!

May 20, 2014


I like your photos, looks like you have it to 50 . I agree keep shooting, don't worry about what camera you have, I am just starting out too, and in a lot of the blogs I have read they have said it is not about having the best equipment...

May 09, 2014


Good eye! I like the photos.

May 09, 2014


Just keep our eyes open, get inspired from others (please don't copy!), let your ideas flow and keep on shooting.

May 08, 2014


Thank you both, I;m trying to read all I can and look at examples of good quality work.

May 08, 2014


Your creativity idea is key if the quality is there too. David

May 07, 2014


Keep shooting and uploading. You NVER know what the buyers are going to look for. I like the idea of letter made of rope. Might be good for a western theme. Remember, the more you shoot and up load, the more accepted and then the more possible sales.

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