Just wonder

Just wonder...

how is it like to have a world with no fear? no religion? no war

only peace

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Just wonder...

how will it be when heaven come to earth?

as the bible and other holy books say...

they said the time is coming

will i still be alive at that moment..

Just wonder..

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October 01, 2007


This image of yours portrays to me the joy we have coming to us when He (Jesus) does return for us. You have wonderfully captured that childlike feeling! Great image.

October 01, 2007


If you are faithful to God, yes, you will see the heaven when it will come, and most important you will see Jesus how coming again on the earth to safe his own. New earth, new life, and yes. only peace, joy, happiness. It is coming and is real..keep you faith.

September 30, 2007


nice picture
lovely boys

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Photo credits: Sonya Etchison.