Keep calm and fight the virus

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Dear Dreamstimers,

2020 has presented us with a unique challenge, which few of us can compare to previous experiences. The global extension of Covid-19 seems to underscore how one virus can contaminate countries and continents based solely on our social organisms and connections. But while it may seem, these days, that our weakness is in our numbers, we know that to be false.

We are and will continue to be, stronger together. It is also together that we will overcome this crisis, and learn how to better care for ourselves and those near us.

We each have a distinct and important role to play these days and we know you, our community, are graphic, video, written and social communicators. That is why your impact can be extraordinary and your contribution hugely positive.

It’s not only essential to wash our hands, but it’s also vital to communicate kindly and accurately. Here's how we can make the world a calmer place.

Relay timely information

Timelines are important, especially in a context like ours. As events are unfolding day by day, hour by hour, it’s vital that everybody knows the correct date for any & all information. This helps us all keep an accurate track of what’s changing and what our “now” is like.

This isn’t a good time to recycle outdated content and present it as current information.

Present trustworthy information

We’re all specialized in a particular craft or business, but we’re not all specialists. When it comes to guiding and saving lives, advice should come from experts - exactly as it was shared by them. Too many opinions and biases can not only clutter a fast-moving environment, they can also trigger effects that you may never anticipate.

Mental fortitude is as important and as vulnerable as physical fortitude right now. Help your audience with facts from reputable sources and name your sources. One vetted source is Worldometers

Help your government and local authorities broadcast official information

Each country is facing different circumstances and challenges. Each nation needs guidance and assurance now. Use your communication skills for the greater good and resort to governmental sources for public health announcements and recommended actions.

Your greatest help now, reaching thousands and millions of people around the world, can be to make official information user-friendly and compelling for everybody in the room.

You can do that by using clear, informative graphics and turning stats into actionable bits of wisdom.

Say no to fake news

Fake news is the covid-19 of our global conversations. It’s weakening our faith, our trust in those who can actually bring positive change, and ultimately isolating us on conflicting sides. More than ever, we need a common and factual ground.

Fight for your right and our right to honest information and guides.

Keep calm and keep your audience calm too

Uncertainty is something we will probably never get used to. An overflow of exaggerated headlines or graphics, severely pessimistic infographics or content that’s screaming instead of discussing can double the negative effects of our actual problems.

Each of us is a broadcaster in our family, group of friends or neighbors. We all impact the noise and it’s only up to us to make that impact a good one. Choose your words, your photographs, illustrations or graphics wisely and think about how you want your readers to feel. Be responsible, be positive, be an active part of the solutions we all need right now.

Covid-19 continues to ravage nations and to dramatically change our way of life and our self-reliance. Countries like China and Italy are examples of the extent to which this virus can impact our daily lives. It takes a common effort to prevent and heal the body, the mind, and the spirit of an entire world.

Join us in honest, positive communications with the world and let’s start dreaming again soon.

Yours truly,

Team Dreamstime

Photo credits: Nadiaforkosh.

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March 30, 2020


Decreasing the earning withdrawal threshold to 50 USD would demonstrate that Dreamstime agency really cares of its contributors. 

March 28, 2020


It's a global effort! All for one & one for all! Stay safe everyone, stay home!

March 27, 2020


Your appeal to "keep calm" really hits it home for me. People have started panic buying and fighting each other for basic necessities during this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic - makes me long for a time when things were normal. A part of me wonders if this is the new normal!~Sanjeev Nanda

March 22, 2020


If you can : stay home and work your portfolio - it might save lifes (the staying at home part). Take care !

March 21, 2020


Thank for your information for protection of corona virus. I hope every body follow these instruction for prevent the fight of corona virus.ThanksP. RajakarunaSri Lanka

March 21, 2020


Very thoughtful; thanks.

March 20, 2020


Thank you for making meaningful and touching communication is easier. I'm starting a campaign to post 3 pictures a day to encourage people to meditate, have a laugh and appreciate life.  Our biggest challenge is to reduce anxiety and deal with issues of isolation.  The pictures will help.

March 20, 2020


all they have to do is STOP spaying the sky with that white smoke and im sure no one will have allergies,,, I live in Miami little Havana and I have few videos of the plane spraying trails of that fake clouds..  I told my wife "SHUT THE A/C OFF SO THE CONTAMINATED AIR DOESNT COME IN THE HOUSE AND I BET YOU YOU WILL STOP SNEEZING"  ,,,,,,few minutes later sneezing left the house ;)

March 19, 2020


Good post.  Thank you.

March 19, 2020


Thanks for your warm and correct words, Serban! We in Europe are badly affected. And it gets worser day by day. So it's necessary to pay attention to everybody and follow the instructions. So Dreamstimer, take good care of yourselves!

March 19, 2020


Thank you Serban for your heartening and truthful message, gives me hope. I truly appreciate! 

March 19, 2020


As we know, Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, according to the WHO (as of this writing), globally, has claimed more than 8000 people - a shroud of doubt has thus appeared over the medical infrastructure of major developed countries of the world! Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, one of the biggest in the field, has also braced for a deadlier impact in the weeks to come. According to statistics provided by The Wall Street Journal, a major publication, based in the US, the world has almost 3 months of stocked medicines and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to run on. Many industry leaders, like Sanjeev Nanda, and his Pharmaceutical enterprises, based in Russia, Singapore, and the UAE, are projected to show a sharp decline in medical output, within the first two months.Market Indicators, such as the DOW, NIFTY, etc. suggest that the global Pharma industry is steadily developing cold feet under the threat of the novel coronavirus. Quoting ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals CEO, Sanjeev Nanda - "Things would get bad, before they turn any good."

March 18, 2020


Thanks for some great, common sense tips in this time. To put a light note on things: as photographers, at least during our time at home we can catch up on editing and posting photos from the last several months that have piled up. Or, we can concentrate on shooting the plants and animals in our own backyard. Take up macrophotography during this time at home. And pray for others. William 

March 18, 2020


thanks for your thoughts 👏 

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