Keep yourself updated!

Has anyone else also noticed a considerable, not much but noticeable increase in sales on Dreamstime.

is it only me or you fellow photographers as well?

since i uploaded this image of Ramadan Greeting on the Arrival of holy month of Ramadan, my sales have finally moved forward.

Maybe this image brings me forward into the searches and then people decide to buy something else from my gallery.

So i would suggest from my experience to keep your uploads coinciding with the current events and trends ...

Once your one image is hitting those searches, chances of showing off rest of your portfolio increase as well.

just a little tip!

Photo credits: One8edegre.

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September 26, 2007


Yes, I also feel some time my sale ratio increases after adding more images. Because new images mostly stay in front pages of searches and cause portfolio exposure.
Asmaa your work and sale ratio is very good. I hope you have a bright future in stock market. Good Luck

September 26, 2007


The more exposure you have, the more potential traffic you have to your portfolio, thus potential to increase your sales.

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