Keeping it going

Lately I have been lazy and have been focusing on my school video project, I have not had any photo jobs in a while nor have I shot anything. I picked up the camera again last week and just did a shoot I wanted to do for fun and I was thrilled to see that it came back so easily, due to this fun shoot and recent sales I am going to shoot more and upload more, I have a photo waiting inspection and if this one passes I will have a few more to upload. I shot this weekend while being a crew member at my friends hair-scramble race, so I have a few acceptable shots, I plan on uploading some editorial images from this race too.

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April 14, 2011


It's not my photograph

April 14, 2011


A good action shoot, i like the composition

April 13, 2011


nice pic

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Photo credits: Marin Bulat.