Keeping momentum

Penne Pasta

Keeping momentum in retouching, uploading, shooting and conceptualising stock over and above the load of my commercial work is tough...but holding thumbs.

My assistant is getting more and more into the stock work-flow and is constantly uploading images.

What I do more and more is look for alternative oppurtunities in my commercial jobs to shoot other images as well, or jot down ideas born from those.

My food images I however still need shoot especially, as styling is involved. Also, making license agreements with clients for stock vs discounts etc is also one of the ways I have found to gain more material.

Next month I'll be going to Libya and the job is based on a stock exchange of images agreement - basically non-exclusive, so while I don't get paid, I have rights to the images for usage. This is another way of opening up the market.

I have so many images in my portfolio that would be AMAZING in stock, but is restricted by licensing so alas, I cannot. I'm trying more and more to grow my spread of alternative imagery then to keep licensing open.

Photo credits: Danie Nel.
  • Danienel
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Commercial photographer in Cape Town South Africa, shooting food, automotive, people, studio and whatever I can find!

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October 07, 2009

Hi guys, thanx a lot. YEs - my assistant is getting briefed on the upload schedules and keywording etc. Once the stock income generates enough to justify another assistant, I will do that. My current assistant is a videographer, so we might expand stock that way as well. @Dragos - thanx for adding - loads more food images to be uploaded!


October 07, 2009

You have great images and even if the ones you shot as exclusive can not be sold they are a way for you to evolve as a photographer and develop new ideas. And indeed, it's great to keep the momentum, it's rather hard to get back into it if you loose it.


October 07, 2009

Dear Danie,

As a commercial photographer you can also have an assistant who may help you to create stock photographies and the other assistent upload this images while you are in Libya for example! All you have to do is to set very well the rules and the conditions with your team (especially concerning the copyrights!)!


p.s. nice food photos! I will include some of them in my collections!