Keeping Sharp In A Digital World

I’m new to the stock world, still learning how to improve my acceptance rate of my images to DT. I was flagged for not having an image in focus. I got this message about the image:

Image is out of focus or too much of the subject is out of focus (DOF too shallow or DOF not justified) / Image is shaken. Use a faster speed or a tripod. Please check the files at 100% zoom before submitting them.

That’s cool, but how can I help my own cause. Since the image is king, I will start with the digital camera. Here are some rules I came up with for creating ALL future images from my camera.

Use digital SLR camera

Use IS lenses from same digital SLR camera manufacture

Use a tripod whenever possible, if not using IS lens

Use apertures 2 stops down from highest aperture and 2 stops away from the smallest aperture on the lens

Keep ISO speed 1600 and under

Shutter speeds are not as important in the digital camera world as good lighting

You can also control sharpness inside the camera (check manual)

That’s it! I hope you can apply some of these sharp rules for creating your digital images. Below is an image I applied these rules to:

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February 21, 2009


I definitely agree with 100-200 ISO rule
I do not trust automatic autofocus, I use center point or I select some other, specific point.
Also, in postprocessing, if you use raw files, sharpen them. Here, the rule is simple: sharp and bright.
It seem sharp and bright sell more :O

November 06, 2008


ISO 1600 will give too much noise in your photos. Depending on your camera you should try to shoot at ISO 100-200 whenever possible. Shutter speeds are also very important. If you are not using your tripod, try to keep your shutter speed at least 1.5 times the focal length (for cameras with crop factor.)

November 06, 2008


I would also add that for IS shots you should take a series of shots in quick succession. One of the series is bound to be sharper...

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