Keeping Them All Straight

I have never seen this issue addressed on Dreamstime, so maybe I'm the only person who struggles with it, but I have had a very hard time keeping all the versions of my photos straight. I just realized that I submitted the same photo twice. Sure, I liked it, but I don't think that means I get to submit it twice!

Actually, it wasn't precisely the same photo. While in the desert, I experimented a lot with bracketing shots, especially around sunset. When I got back, I did even more experimentation dialing up and down the color intensities, working with shadows, etc., in an effort to reproduce on the screen the richness of the actual scene. I'm more or less happy with some of these results (see this photo, for which I can take no credit--I didn't arrange for those rocks to be there, or for the sun to set directly behind them!).

The only problem? I have 20 'real' versions of some shots, and then innumerable 'enhanced' versions. I use Aperture, and love it, but even that's not enough to keep me completely on track all the time.

Does anyone else run into this? Has any ever submitted the same image twice inadvertently?

Photo credits: Charles Sichel-outcalt.

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March 09, 2008


Hah! I wish this were my biggest screw-up :)

I'm trying to be more disciplined about keywords within Aperture. I've assigned keywords:

considering for dreamstime

ready for submission to dreamstime

submitted to dreamstime

As I move each image through the 'pipeline,' I change its keyword. Along with smart albums that filter for keywords automatically, this keeps me on track--in theory. In reality, as I mentioned, it's harder to maintain. I just need to be more conscientious. . .

March 09, 2008


Yes I've done that and worse. I do believe you can go to edit and delete one of them if you so choose.
But don't worry if that's the biggest screw up you do your in pretty good shape. By the the way nice photos

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