Keeping up the pace with best sellers

It takes great effort to keep up the pace with Stock photography, but it is so rewarding. Not just the money but the credit you feel when some of your work gets to be used world wide. Then there is the enormous feedback from the sales of your images. Which become best sellers, and which ones are ignored. Do you feel the surprise when your best sellers turn out to be different images then you expected. Keeping up the pace also means keeping up with photography quality, both in technical (less noise, more pixels, bigger monitor) and in subject (ideas). With the many images on-line today it is still possible to shoot something else or from a different angle. There seems to be no limit. Not even with millions of images on-line.

Still my best work needed all the elements; subject, location, angle, time of day, equipment, experience and then the editing. Photoshopping the images to make them better requires time, experience and vision. It is easier to destroy an image then to add quality to it. Build al of the elements on top of each other and another best seller is created.

Photo credits: Andre Klaassen.

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Very useful article! I really like your picture!


agree, and love your picture!




great post.I agree.And love you portfolio



True, we should maintain the pace, this piece of advice is not only for stock photo, it applies for evything in life.

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