Kenyan Women

In many cases in Kenya the ones who run the country are the women of the country.

They take care of the children and the old people, work in the fields, sell at the markets, have the responsibility of the managment of the household and so on and so on.. many work very hard doing whatever possible to pay the needs of their families.

Meantime, in far too many occasions, their husbands or partners waste their hard-earned money drinking, gambling or with their latest girlfriend.. It

Not enough with all that, the kenyan parlament has approved a law which allows the husband (only the husband, of course) to have two wifes, this way a flagrant gender discrimination has become legal..

African women selling fruits

African women selling vegetables

African lady selling dry fish

African woman cutting vegetables

African women carrying firewood

Photo credits: Joan Egert.
  • Physi28
  • Ametlla Del Valles, Spain
Photography and nature are my passion.

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February 27, 2021

Good to know!