The key is to monetize

I hope most of them would agree when I say Photography is not showing things as it is but to add the special touch to it wherein a normal photograph portrays what the eye behind the lens wants to see. This key differentiation is what an idea is. But wait however unique an idea is as long as it is not monetized its all gone in drain. I recently heard a great entrepreneur say that its not a ideator who creates a business but the person who is able to monetize it.

I am sure if monetizing was not one of your goals you would opted for some other means to showcase what you captured rather than listing them here.

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So every great photograph deserves to be sold and as long as it just lies unsold it has not achieved its final destiny. But the greatest challenge with creative minds who are in art or photography is that they are mostly interested in the uniqueness of their creativity and have very less charm for monetizing. Great innovations did not achieve its greatness only because of its uniqueness but its usefulness and ability to churn money.

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So dont be shy to promote your work. The task doesn't end after capturing a great shot, Make sure that its promoted and reaches the right audience and finally a sale is what makes the photograph a success. A few years before a blog might have been the only way to intimate others about things that you wanted to share but todays social world provides great avenues to connect your work with those who admire it.

Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

Your article must be written in English



Great blog...


great blog.. thanks for sharing :)


Which reminds me of one of the sayings that really drives me crazy:

If you are that smart why aren't you rich?


I agree. I never bought into the "starving artist" concept.


Great blog!

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