Keys To imagination

Creation of new universe black hole vortex background pattern colours swirl twirl design

Photoshop and other editing software contain several basic tools that can literally turn your ideas into effect they are your keys to imagination!

Once your have mastered control over these few basic tools it can open up a whole new world of possibilities in designing for stock photography.

The following basic tools were used to design the photo below: Colour Palette, Brushes, Polygonal Lasso, Gaussian Blur, Paint Bucket and Clip Art:

Aeroplane cockpit plane drone attack aircraft flying aerial vehicle pilot captain

The photo above included another file of a drone which was superimposed into the design, but generally the photoshop tools mentioned above are all you need to start your basic design. Once I outlined the cockpit design using the polygonal lasso tool all the other additional features were added using the brushes etc!

Photoshop tools are a great way to design conceptual pieces for stock which often sell very well and are in huge demand due to their uniqueness and effectiveness in targeting a certain market audience!

The more generic a design is, the more versatile the file becomes, and can therefore be used for a wider variety of themes and concepts, so when I design I usually like to keep this thought in mind: The more generic the file is the more likely it will be able to generate more sales!

The photo below was colour-popped and created with a very generic theme in mind so that many concepts could be attached to it thus casting the digital 'net' over a wider audience in the hope of generating more sales!

Stand out from the crowd

So you don't necessarily have to be a photoshop wizard to get designing. As long as you have some idea of what you want to create or have a certain concept in mind then the tools are all there waiting to be used....they are keys to your imagination!

As with any task, the more you practise and get familiar with photoshop tools and what job they do, the more proficient you will become at designing. There are hundreds if not thousands of tools in photoshop to be used, but like any tool box only a few basic tools are only ever used. Many tools are very specialised, but you only really need to get your head around the basic ones to produce a masterpiece! After all, many of the masterpieces hanging up in private collections or museums were painted with only one brush and one finger to spread the paint around the is what you do with the tool that makes he difference!

Famous painters such as Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and so on all had their own distinctive style and way of applying the paint to canvas....but all had one thing in common....they all used basic tools to produce their work!

Digital tools found in editing software can also be used to create masterpieces, and these keys to imagination can open the doors to your future successful sales in stock.

Jet ski racing regatta race watersports boat tablet concept

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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