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Well I guess a lot has been written about keywords and keywording, and I’m sure this one will not be the last, and many more will be hitting the blogs sooner or later.

I’m not writing this blog to describe what are keywords, and its significance. I would just like to share an easiest way to key words your images. Which I’m lately practicing. First and foremost thing is to choose the subject of the image, it could be one subject and or a multiple subject of your image.

Next open you Dictionary in Mac, and type the subject and you will get loads of meaning, select which is close to your subject, and find the meaning of the meaning you choose. Like this you end up with more than 50 to 60 keywords. Avoid selecting a small subject like you have a great shot of a car and in the background you have a small bird, ignore the bird as its not the main subject of your image, when you ignore such elements even the buyer gets exactly what he is looking for. It is obvious that the purchaser is looking for a big car image rather than a small bird in the background. Well cross marketing is good thing, but sticking to subject is a good bet in long run. And finally the tip and the magic, use the dreamstime free tool. Assume you have 40 keywords now try to misspell your keywords and use the spell check tool in DT, it gives you another multiple of choices, like I misspelled illustration to illustartion and the spell check tool will flash these results illustrate illustrating illustration illustrative illustrator illustrators copy and paste it. Another way is to use the Microsoft Synonyms option, for example if you check the synonyms of Illustration u will get the following, picture, design, figure, diagram, photo, image, graphic. Now if you check the synonyms of any of the results you will get further words which I guess is very close to your subject again. Now you know how easy it is to grab the keywords, no more worries to copy somebody else keywords. It’s just a work of 10 minutes. I hope this secret will help new contributors on dreamstime, Happy keywording. Create your own keywords but don’t copy others keywords.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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November 25, 2008


That's an awesome tip. Thank you. I have been having trouble with coming up with 10 keywords a lot of the time. Great suggestions.

October 29, 2008


I guess no one liked my tips, thats the reason no comments here, anyways thats fine.

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