Keyword secrets

Tagging is one of the most important part in stock working. You can upload potential best seller photos or masterpieces, but keywords make the sell. That's right. Without a good tagging your images don't sell too well. Follow these basic rules and an increase in sales might knock on your account:

1. Relevancy is priority one. Top relevancy makes images appear first in the search engines. Use most commonly used words and keep it simple. Don't use synonyms such as "buskin" when you can write "tragic". Think what the buyer would write.

2. Use less keywords. Maybe you think using more keywords makes your image more visible to buyers. Yes and no. When using 50 keywords the relevancy is low. Use a fair amount of keywords, but think at the importance of every keyword, as if you're limited to 10 keywords.

3. Make it simple using simple keywords. Be practical and efficient and avoid complexity and digression.

Photo credits: Better236.

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