Hi guys,

I have more or less the same portfolio uploaded on different microstock sites. The same images (with the same keywords) on DT have a very low number or visits if compared with the other sites. Do you have noticed the same thing?



P.S.: sorry for my bad English

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September 30, 2009


Thank you very much for your answers!!

September 30, 2009


Well as a matter of fact is these views so valuable, what counts in sales. Even I have my images in most of the sites, but believe me Im earning more in DT. the ratio is very big. Sales may be high in subscription based site, but the value of money is here. I make a decent amount from DT. What I earn from all agencies (5 agencies) combined is less than what I earn in DT every month. So don't count the views nor the no of sales, count the money, which of course matters.

September 29, 2009


DT visit hits is counted differently now!
Registered members hits are all counted! Some visit hits are counted!
So that reduce the number of repeated hits from unregistered visitors...
At least that's how I understood it! Cheers ;)

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