As you all know, keywording takes much time. Is there anybody who knows if there is an software that does this time consuming item automatically? Or a software that can generate and save complete sets of keywords for re-use?

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Thank you very much for all this interesting tips, I think I will check out these web-sites in the next time and apply the suggestion of only taking 10 or 15 keywords :)


To minimize the unnecessary time spent on keywords, I just apply 10-15 keywords per image. If the image is refused, then great!- I didn't waste time applying a bunch of keywords to the image, which was refused anyway. If the image is accepted, then I re-apply a more detailed collection of keywords. If this is still too time consuming, you might consider the keymasters program.


I use these sites to generate the keywords:

And I use Cushy Stock to edit my IPTC data. It also allows you to copy and paste the meta data from one file to another, and more ...


It's good idea.


Both of the sites are very usefull, thanks for sharing this info!!!
I am sure I am going to use it for my pictures.


This is a really cool tool - hope you can use it!


you can try this.... is very confortable is not a softrware but is a web site
you put one key of your ictures after you choose the pictures like your and you can copy the tags try is very nice
After you can save in the property of image and your image is tags forever
Sorry for my henglis

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