For a while I have considered having some images re-keyworded. Today I decided I would choose an image I thought had good potential and experiment so I clicked re-keyword. Quickly my account was decremented the 60 cents - fair enough. But then I get a message - Pending line for keymasters is extremely busy, please try again later or use the regular upload for submitting this image. - There is no option for me to - try again later - and so get my money back until I do try again,and this now begs the question - will my image be re-keyworded (because the message suggests no but I have been charged for it). Plus how long is the queue and so how long before it if back on line? The upload has a queue time so it would be good if the queue length can be made visible before people click re-keyword.

Photo credits: Derek Rogers.

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Eventually I think it was a month later the editors released the image for me to add more keywords since the re-keywording wasn't worth it. My overall conclusion - don't bother. Other stock sites have keywording tools and they're quite handy.


Well the image is back but I can't edit as yet until the editors check and I have to say, re-keywording is definitely not worth the money.


Hi Tangie,
Thanks for your email. The image has now appeared in my pending list, it took a day or sot. It might if possible be worth doing the same as for submitted images, giving a wait time and ideally showing that in advance and then if the queue is long, people can hold off, but the image has appeared in my pending list now. Thanks for your reply. Kind regards, Derek.


Hi Derek. If you were charged but your image did not go to the keymasters, you can write support and ask for the money back. Most likely this was a technical error but we can fix this in no time.


Thanks for your comments, it seems you have come to similar conclusions - namely re-keywording is not worth the money. I thought it might be useful to get some different perspectives on an image but in some respects I think friends and family are probably better for that - work faster and cost less :-)


I never tried the keymasters, but it should be quite obvious if they did a good job or not. The new keywords are there with the image, one can judge. Did they put in more relevant words one would not have thought of on his own?

When I have time and I am bored I go and open images on line and add a few more keywords. Many times I am not investing too much on the keywords when submitting because maybe the image will not be accepted and it's a waste of time. Then when it's accepted I am not updating the keywords as I thought I would.
But one day, when I will really be bored I will go through all 600 of them.


I try it once, an didn't notice more sales.


I experimented a while back with a single image. Hard to tell the effect of a single image. I kind of think you could do better yourself by spending time with an image. I often return to an image after it sells to see if I'm missing any keywords - thinking I can make it even better. I also revisit images with low views.

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