Keywording in DT - Dreamstime

You can help other contributors by suggesting key word for their pictures. It is very simple to do it. Just go to any picture in Dreamstime. And then just above the keywords related to the picture, you can hit "Suggest". Then you have to enter a minimum of 10 new key words related to the picture. Your submission will we review and if it is accepted, you will earn 0.02 $ per submission. It is helpful for everybody, so take some times to help others contributors.


Photo credits: Sébastien Bonaimé.

Your article must be written in English

December 11, 2011


If you go to DT's homepage & click on the "stats & community" tab you will see (bottom right) images requiring keywords...

December 11, 2011


Good tip. I didn't know about this thing. Thx

December 10, 2011


i tried but not approved :(

December 10, 2011


sounds good :)

December 09, 2011


Great thinking, I will definitely give it a try.

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