Keywording made Easy, but is it Legal??????

Dear All,

Today I visited one my idol's site, Yuri Arcurs, I admire this guy, I think he is a most successful stock photo personality.

Some good tips and valid information in his site which is very useful for rookies like me.

He is so kind to provide a link to Keywording Program, I was happy I thought well now no need to spend hours searching for keywords. ( believe me I spend more than half an hour for my images)

Check this link Keyword Helper is this legal????? I spend hours to get the right keyword and here is this site which grabs all our hard work and you get your keywords in less than 3 minutes. Even I found my keywords with this tool, my half an hour work gone in just 3 minutes.

I'm sharing this link so you guys can use it if you think its ethical. But I don't endorse it.

Im wonder if the biggest contributor copying others keywords.???

Photo credits: Creativei.

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I may be in the minority here, but for me, keywording is part of the fun of doing stock photography. I enjoy it. I have not tried the tool on the site you mention, but if I did, it would just be used as a starting point or a springboard. I would never cut and paste someone else's keywords, because they would not be entirely appropriate for my image. That is just my opinion, of course. It might work for others who do not enjoy the keywording part of the process.


I dont think that this tool is ilegal because is not copyright for "words", its only words. I know this site and I found it very useful when the time for keywording is not a privilege. As well I dont have any problem if this tool use the keywords for my images. At the end I can use this tool from keywording my images and other user can do the same... is like a keyword exchange that help to all the contributors.

(Sorry my poor english)


Well different views here, Im not against Yuri's intention of helping newbies in micro stock. but garbing somebody else keyword is not right. (well I know keywords are not copyright protected) Well I don't use it, I linked in my blog may be someone might find it useful.

Southerstar? I know its legal if not he wouldn't have linked in his site, and I'm not claiming that I have copyright for those words in my image, use your skills and work hard and find your relevant keyword, DONT STEAL OTHERS HARD WORK

Tan510 I don't know if it works, try it out and let us all know, and your point is valid, everyone needs more sale.


interesting question. no harm in asking it.
Yuri is first a business man , then a photographer, or an artist,etc.. so after all ,no different from any one who wants to make money and be successful with a thriving career. whether it's legal or not, i don't like to judge because it can open up a whole can of worms. like the use of music , video, hobbyist photographs,etc. . without compensation. the confusion of the word ROYALTY FREE which many people , even journalists in commercial articles misinterpret as similar to FREE TO USE.

rather than comment , i need to ask you all. do they work? as a newbie in microstock, (but not a newbie in photography), keywording is a new skill for me. so my question is not to ask whether it is legal but rather, whether it works. i see many images with more views than downloads. i am beginning to wonder if we really need no more than 7 keywords so our view to download ratio is less. i really have no interest in keywords that give me lots of views, i actually prefer less views and more downloads. so giving too many keywords may be destructive rather than productive.

please note that i am not saying Yuri's keyword wizard does that.
i am asking a question, a little off topic perharps.

I don't like to make any comments on anyone who is successful, especially someone like Yuri.


Why shouldn't it be legal? It's information that is out there and made public... You don't really want to claim copyright on the fact that you associated an image with a word, do you?
If Dreamstime did not want keywords to be copied, all they would have to do is hide them from the picture page and make them visible only to contributors.
In any case, automatic services will not be able to replace creativity, they only work as a basis for stimulating it.


I do use a keyword program to help with identifying just that keywords. That half hour I would rather save doing something else. Here is their ad: Selling Your Photos with ********
Adopted by thousands of photographers, ******** is a desktop software application which helps you to sell your stock photos. ******** automates the tedious tasks of tagging, managing and uploading stock photos to online microstock agencies, freeing you up to spend more time doing what you love: shooting pictures.


Very interesting, thanks


Littledesire, I don't like to copy paste keywords, as I said I spend more than half an hour for every new image I m submitting now.

Brad I agree with you, even I don't like that way, the reason of the blog was to point how could such a big contributor do such things.


I tried it out 4-5 months ago. I didn't like it. I prefer to make my keywording by myself. But you're free to use it if you like it. Yuri have posted it to help us all!


Yeah, I don't know about this tool. If you are OK with opening up fellow contributors' images and copying their keywords then I guess you'll be OK with this tool, since that is basically how it works... I don't think it is for me based on that reason - feels like cheating :(


Very interesting, thanks

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