Keywording And Re-Keywording

I have just recently used some of my earnings to have some of my images re-keyworded, I have found that in some cases that it helps to better promote my portfolio. I must admit however that I'm still somewhat new to to DT as I have not yet been with DT for a year, so my question or query is this, how do my fellow members feel about re-keywording their own images and do you think it benefits your portfolio ?

Mystical Vision

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February 25, 2010

Yes, definitely relook at keywords. They help us be found in the crowd and sales are why we are here after all. I might follow your example and pay for keywording, I'm sure I'm not thinking of everything relevant when I keyword. Cheers Carol :)


February 23, 2010

yes, definitely.
as brad and mani said, keywords is what gets your images found. i feel that top sellers do well because they are skillful keyworders or they pay an agency to do it.
i don't have the luxury of time nor am in any position to pay someone, but lately, instead of contributing to 15-20 microstock sites, i have decided to drop all but a handful, thus, freeing a lot of time for me
to come back into my Dreamstime portfolio especially to do just that ie.
i start from my oldest images with no sales and or many views , since usually as a beginner that is where our main weakness lies... not knowing how to choose keywords.
and in most cases, cutting down the excess fat, and using less but more effective keywords.


February 23, 2010

I definitely feel that re-keywording benefits a portfolio. I focus on images that haven't sold in a long time, or when all sales come via 'n/a'...


February 23, 2010

If you think of the number of images exposed on the site (DT) with out a need to search, you will see that it's very small comparing to the almost 8 million photos! So keywords are the leading keys for the rest of them! If these keywords are accurate & well chosen it will be a strong tools to get your images in front of the buyer!
I think you did well in paying for key wording some of your images, it's an investment that you will find when you see these images sold using those keywords! Cheers ;)


February 23, 2010

Hi Harold, coincidentally I've just written a blog on the subject. Here's the link, ***.com