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This is old, mature, senior. I was looking for some concept ideas for old, mature or senior women on vacation in the islands. I used the following search strings "old woman island", "senior woman island" and "mature woman island". While the "mature" and "senior" returned good results; "old" brought up some beautiful photos of a young woman in a bikini. In the past I have flagged results that were way outside the perimeters that I was looking for. However, I've received comments back that, by flagging, I've cost the various photographers too much time in making corrections. What to do? I'm just a small fry so really don't want to create problems. On the other hand don't we owe it to our buyers to tag properly? I've used one of my own photos as an example of what I'm looking for with old, senior or mature. I think that old, mature and/or senior would be at least around 50 or over. Any feedback?

Photo credits: Linda Morland.

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March 28, 2010


I would, however, I don't have anything in the comments section of the website indicating that I flagged any of your photos. I think you are speaking about the beautiful black sand beach. I do see small figures in the lower left cornor of the photo, however, if a buyer is looking for people running or swimming they may be anticipating larger figures. Thanks to the comments that I receive, I've just had 21 of my older photos re-keyworded by Dreamstime. Very interesting to see what the "experts" put and certainly worth the 40 cents per photo to have it done. They think of keywords I never would and I certainly appreciate the comments from other Dreamstime members and the work of the Key Masters. This forum is such a good way to learn and expand our ability to maximize sales.

March 27, 2010


You wrongly flagged my photo. Look at the shoreline and see the people playing with the tide. Please remove your flag.

March 10, 2010


I've had an interesting number of comments regarding keywording ranging from very helpful to not so nice. Personally, I've gone back and taken the submissions I made early on and sent them to be re-keyworded to prevent problems. Learning is an ongoing process, I appreciate those folks who have taken their precious time to assist me to identify errors that I have made. I've also looked at my recent submission that have been keyworded by Dreamstime - they certainly have done a much more comprehensive job than I ever could. THANK YOU KEYMASTERS!

March 09, 2010


You are absolutely right and I will correct the key wording. This was one of the early submissions I sent back when I was under the impression that more is better. I now have all of my submissions keyworded by Dreamstime to prevent any problems. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It is interesting that people have sent some not nice messages because their photos have been flagged for tags that aren't even close to what is in the picture. Are we trying to market our work in an appropriate manner or just trying to get as many hits as possible?

March 03, 2010


You should be more careful with flagging, as Icefront says "The search engine always looks for "the word" not for the actual meaning of the word". It is obvious that an image needs to be flagged if some keywords are not fully accurate and also the very right thing would be if Buyers would flag images and not contributors who should be busy with their own images primarily. If a contributor has so much time that he can spend it on flagging images, then that contributors portfolio should be free of "keyword spams". Please take a look at this picture's keywords (e.g. alone, clouds, isolated, secluded, sky) here and tell me how do you you want to make justice if you are not right??? - please don't take this too personally.
Cheers ;)

February 28, 2010


I often flag images for incorrect keywords but carefully. The search engine always looks for "the word" not for the actual meaning of the word. If you look for 'red bike', you may get as result a red protective helmet meaning "red bike helmet" or a "red bike lock", actually all results are correct even if you want to see a red bicycle.
When a word is totally off topic, like business, family, etc. on an image containing a red apple, it's clear that flagging is necessary.

December 08, 2009


i totally agree with you regarding keywords - i'm ever so careful when submitting and sometimes don't manage more than 10 but it's what describes the pic best - i've got some pics of my gran in my port so feel free to take a peep :)

December 08, 2009


Reporting keywords is a tricky business. It is a fine line between helping the database and needlessly creating work. Many images seems like keyword spam, but are actually just picking up words from the description or title ('twenty year old woman in bikini' could get picked up searching on 'old woman'). There are lots of ways to use the search to get around those problems, and I don't see that as keyword spam. My 'policy' is to only report images that are blatantly wrong with many keyword errors. Even then, I don't bother if the image is old and has no sales - it won't show up in searches anymore unless it truly is relevant. Personally, I have had people report my images where they just weren't knowledgeable enough to recognize the keyword was appropriate - wasting everyone's time.

I agree that keywords should be as accurate as possible!

December 08, 2009


Hi Linda - I agree that the word "old" is not an accurate description of a young woman. Any conscientious contributor would prefer to have correct keywords as that maximises sales potential - and surely a young woman in a bikini is likely to sell more than an old woman in a bikini??? Keep flagging - it really doesn't take very long to change a keyword or two. Alternatively you can "send a comment" to the contributor, but note that as Admin is not involved there is little motivation for the contributor to change the keyword unless they wish to do so - and you're still at risk of receiving a biting comment by way of response!

December 08, 2009


You have a correct opinion, Linda. Tags must be directly related with the images.

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