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Have you ever been writing keywords for an image and got stuck? Here is a tip that works wonders for me when I have Keyworder's Block.

Take a good look at your image. What is it? Now, plug your first thoughts into the search engine here on Dreamstime. First sort my relevancy, and see what keywords people are using for their images. Now I suggest sort by most downloaded, and see what keywords those images have (try to pick ones that are similar to yours).

For example, at this moment I am stuck writing keywords for a bowl of carrots. I got to 29 and my brain just shut off! Can 29 words sufficiently cover an image? Sure. I've seen it happen. But for this image, it just isn't enough. I need more.

I plugged in "bowl of carrots" first. Two pages of images came up. This is the image most similar to my own that I chose for keywords ideas.

The keywords this image has are already ones that I have thought of, but looking at the image did help me think of others: crisp, crispy, crunch, and crunchy.

I was about to leave this image and search for another, when I glanced up and saw that this photographer had other carrot pictures that did not come up in my first search results. I also saw that several similar images were pulled into a querey of related images.

I really like this image. It gave me a sense of how luscious and delicious carrots are. This image also had keywords that got my brain churning again, such as baby, cooked, and whole. My mind started thinking of raw, fresh, and others that go along with that.

So when you are stuck on keywords, plug a few of your descriptive thoughts into the search engine here on Dreamstime, and see what other people have thought of that maybe you haven't yet. It can also help turn your mind back on to start cranking out it's own keywords again.

I hope this helps!

Photo credits: Mmulligan, Robert Lerich.

Your article must be written in English

February 11, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about keywording so this post is very helpful. Thank Teresa!

August 25, 2007


I have three different thesauruses that I also use. :) I tend to get obsessed with picking the right words sometimes!

August 25, 2007


I also use Roget's Thesaurus to help me with keywording.

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