Keywording Tool

Useful tool for adding suitable keywords for your photos or illustrations. Yuri Arcurs -the best selling microstock artist, programmers, design a web-based system that makes keywording your images with high quality keywords as simple as can be. Here is the link, CHECK IT OUT

Check my illustration as an example.

Photo credits: Radivoje.

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July 11, 2010


Thanx, dude :)

July 05, 2010


Thanks, the idea is brilliant

July 05, 2010


thanks so much for sharing , I think it can be very helpful for certain subjects which are difficult to keyword, great help!

July 05, 2010


You welcome! @Mani33-The main reason i share this link here is, because by using this software you don't have to think about keywords. :)

July 05, 2010


Thanks for sharing! :)

July 04, 2010


This might be helpful but I think it takes more time from me than thinking of the proper keywords! Thanks for sharing anyway!

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