Keywording with an "S"

I've often wondering this question and have tired analyzing which keywording works best.

1- Do you put a singular keyword as well as the pluerize version in your list? for this example, chair, chairs, row, rows, seat, seats.


2- Do you put the singular keyword and simply include an "s" in the keyword list. Example;blue, stadium, chair, row, seat, s, ..

I have seen and used both examples. So really my question is; when a client searches "stadium seats", is it more beneficial to list all the pluerize keywords (seat, seats) or will the client's search of "seats" come up if I only listed "seat" and "s"...

Up for debate...Even though I know the personal secrets to keywording are very guarded :)

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August 27, 2012


See this blog by Ellen. Basically - use singular and plural if there is more than one, use singular if there is only one... That is the basic rule on DT, though I must admit it is a lot easier if the agency handles the plural/singular for us!

August 26, 2012


I think that various agencies operate differently. I believe that when it comes to Dreamstime, you have to insert the plural (if it's relevant to your image) as well as the singular. So in the case of your foto, I would put chairs in the title as there are many chairs, and in the keywords I would put chair and chairs.

August 26, 2012


From my memory I was told that if the plural of a word is only added "s or es", then only use the plural as the search engine will find "seat out of "seats", etc.

David May

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