Keywording is your name....

Importance of relevant keywording.

I understand that this topic is covered well and that we all know that keywording is important for our search ranking to create extra exposure. Clients will find your images faster and the chance for a sale increases. It is at least as important as regularly uploading new stock photos.

Unfortunately irrelevant keywording is still happening. Here some wrong examples:

Keyword NATURE attached to an image of a doll with apple drawing on her clothes. This is wrong. Even if there is an apple on the shirt it is not an real apple. When a client looks for nature they don't expect to see a doll in their search results.

Keyword PARK attached to an eye close-up image. This also wrong. You can not put the word PARK if you can see only a human eye. Even if you took the photo on a park. If client look for Park they would be surprised to see human eye close-up. It would be different if for example if the image would content half face with human eye and in the background you would see clearly some benches and trees of a park.

Keyword LEAF and attached to an image of a country landscape where only one very small leaf is laying in the corner of the image that makes no subject of the image. If client looks for a leaf they expect to see it as subject or at least as a bigger part of the image. If in that landscape image the grass would covered all with leaves then the keyword LEAVES would be correct.

You see .. all this errors are not good for Dreamstime, client and you. For Dreamstime it would look less professional. For the client it cost irritation and can give you a bad name since your name is under that image.

Look at the image and try to think as costumer. Try to think to which keywords the image is fitting. What parts of the image is important and if it has value for a keyword. This will help for sure to give you more sales.

I hope my blog can help some fellow photographers. Good luck and keep on uploading :).


Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.

Your article must be written in English

January 15, 2014


Good article!
Personally I am also an imagebyer. Wrong keywords is very annoying; Chrysler when it's a Ford, brig when it's a barque....
A tip: Wikipedia is a very good help for finding the correct spelling for all of us that isnt native english spoken. One example is places, it's a great help to find out the correct name of an area, district or region. Let's say that you have some nice pics from Munich and the buyer searches for Bavaria - wich you forgot to add...

January 15, 2014


Yes, this is also a good comment to add. Title and description should basically include only things that are visible in the image.

January 14, 2014


Please keep in mind that the search algorithm uses the title and the description of the image as source for keywords, too. If you make for example a photo of an outdoor chicken and use "Happy Chicken" as title you might get complaints like: "What has this chicken to do with the keyword HAPPY?", etc. This happened to me with

 Outdoor Chicken .

To get rid of the complaints I had to change the title.

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