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We all know how time consuming keywording can be, but it really is a vital stage of uploading that should be given just as much thought as the taking of and the processing of the image.

Yesterday, I had a spare hour and so thought I would look at some of my images to see if I could improve the keywords. I removed some and also added quite a few new ones. I also had a go at using Yuri Arcurs really useful keywording tool to see if this would make any difference to the words that I was coming up with. It certainly did! My best selling image is actually an abstract black and white concept photo that I uploaded a while back. I actually wasn't sure if would get approved as it is quite different to the images I usually upload from my travels. I'm pleased to say that it is now a level 5 image. However, I took the time yesterday to check its keywords and in using Yuri Arcurs keyworder I discovered a word that I hadn't yet put on my image - "salvation". This was a new way of looking at my image and what it could mean to a buyer, so I added it to my keywords.

Less than 3 hours after adding the new word I sold the very same image under the keyword...."salvation"!! So it just goes to show that spending a little while going through your keywords and looking at your images in a new light certainly does reap rewards. Thanks too to Yuri Arcurs' website which I will definitely visit again - Yuri's website. It helped me see my image in a new light by suggesting a totally different concept keyword.

Photo credits: Charlotte Leaper.

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March 12, 2012


Yes, very interesting regarding the tool. I also periodically review my keywords. Now I too will try the tool and see if it helps. Thanks for sharing!!

March 11, 2012


That's what I thought too...but it was only added a few hours before. Maybe it was a freak occurrence!

March 11, 2012


That's interesting... I often do that but I thought it took a few days (up to 7) for the database to update with the keywords added after the original upload.

March 10, 2012


Thanks Calyx22! You have a great portfolio!

March 09, 2012


Congratulations! Keywording is important and I too periodically revisit my images to see if I need to change the keywording on them. I will have to check out the link to Yuri. Best wishes to you and hope that you keep on selling, selling, selling! :)

March 09, 2012


You are right! Sorry about that and I have corrected the link...thanks!

March 09, 2012


Thanks a lot for the info!

The correct link is:

Yuri Arcurs Keyword Tool

March 09, 2012


You mean Yuri Arcurs.

March 09, 2012


Thanks for sharing your experience.

March 09, 2012


Good for you Charlotte! It's not bad to review your photo keywords, from time to time, for an improvement of them.
Your blog it is a motivational example...

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