These keywords unknown! How many keywords for photos? - Dreamstime

The Keywords: These unknown.

I'm trying different solutions to increase sales of my photographs.

But I asked:

- It 'better to write very few keywords, such as 7 to 8


- It 'better to have numerous keywords (always inherent to photography) with various synonyms to use?

I translate from Italian and my keywords for each keyword, there are many synonyms.

How does the search engine Dreamstime picture?

Suggestions are always welcome.



Photo credits: Fedecandoniphoto.

Your article must be written in English

March 03, 2012


Nice concept with your broken disk!

When I upload a photo I first insert only a minimum set of the most relevant keywords. When the image is accepted then I update the keyword list by using and by looking at the keywords from similar photos - preferable from native speakers. This also improves my English!

March 02, 2012


Anyway, as much as possible keywords will be more buyers to find your picture.

March 01, 2012


It is truly an art to get it right. The safe answer is 'as many RELEVANT' keywords as you can come up with, but I think it depends on the competition as well. You need to get the KEY words :) In your example image, for example, you do not have 'drive', 'fix', 'bandage' or 'technology' - all words I'd pick over 'nurses' and 'date'. I'd aim for 15-25 keywords, but more doesn't help much on Dreamstime, in my experience, unless they are relevant. For a more conceptual one like this, I'd aim for more keywords as it is harder to predict what a buyer would search on... But, sometime I struggle to come up with more than 10 relevant keywords for an image so I leave it at that.

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