Kids and video games addictions

I was wondering today if through Dreamstime I might make a bad situation better.

I was pondering the thought that many others might have the same issues as I do as a parent, and if video game addiction might be a source of sales for stock photos.

My 16yo is totally addicted to a game called World of Warcraft. It has taken over and ruined most of his life. He refuses to discuss it, has been absent on many occassions from school, he steals, and lies to feed this addiction.

For me it has been the cause of so much stress. It is almost as if this disease has infected the rest of the family and we are helpless to deal with the issue.

I believe soon this addiction thing will become a huge issue around the world, I see so many forums where folk are frustrated about members of their family addicted to this.

What about you?

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October 15, 2008


my 16 yo also does the games but never liked WOW, he and my hubby are on star wars galaxies, lord of the rings, mount and blade things like that. hubby is far more addicted than our son, but none of the ones they do cost anything past a monthly fee that is small. no purchasing characters, armor, anything like that with real money. good luck.. its a hard age..

October 15, 2008


Hey, firstly thanks for using my photo :-)

I know WoW very well - played the game for almost 5 years, and must have been one of the oldest (physically) players in the game. It is indeed an addiction and I spent thousands of dollars purchasing characters, in-game gold, leveling services etc. My wife started to complain badly, found herself some alternative entertainment which was really bad for our marriage, and I stopped the game and instead turned my photography hobby into something more serious.

Once you have joined a WoW group, they will expect of you to be online at a certain time, and for a certain period of time in order to complete quests and dungeons. If you don't do this you get kicked out or demoted. The game becomes like a second life.

I have no real advice, except to put your foot down and give him only a certain amount of time per week for the game. Take away his PC, or disconnect the Internet if he wont listen. At the time I left the game, I was really bored of it anyway as it is the same pattern over and over again, just on a different level and a bit harder than the previous time. It is really just a stupid game.

You could try to contact Blizzard and ask them to ban his account. They may or may not agree to that, but it will certainly put him off as building a new character from scratch is really hard work. Try to get him interested in photography and show him how to make money with pics :-)

Good luck

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