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Kind words make it all worth while.

Laura Vosika the author of a new book, Minstrel Boy, chose my image of light coming through the slit, cross window, at Skipton Castle in Yorkshire for the back cover of the book. Taking trouble to thank me was a kind generous gesture and I hope her book is a best seller.

Hi,I think this comment is being sent to the photographer? I hope. I want to thank you for your wonderful image of the light coming through the cross window. I'm using it as the back cover of my novel The Minstrel Boy. I describe such a window, which becomes key, in the story, and this picture couldn't have been more perfect if I'd told you what the book was about and you'd set out to photograph a picture just for it! I was very excited to find it.Thank you.Laura Vosika

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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July 11, 2011


all the best.. and congrats...

July 10, 2011


That is great pics! Congratulations

July 09, 2011



July 09, 2011


Congratulations, it's a great shot, and lovely to get a letter of thanks from the author of the book. :)

July 09, 2011


How nice of her to write you! wow!

July 08, 2011


Excellent photo ! If the author likes it, the publisher must like it, if people turn the book over to read the synopsis and like the photo then they will buy the book. Well done.

July 08, 2011


Great pic! Congrats!

July 08, 2011


that was so nice !!1Congrats,now you will have to find the book when it becomes available.I have one with my dog in it,It is so nice to find your work

July 08, 2011


Wonderful gesture ... and pic.

July 08, 2011


Absolutely beautiful picture.......... and a very nice worm hearted author !

July 08, 2011


What a nice thing to do!

July 08, 2011


That is just great and very nice from the author! Congratulations David!!!

July 08, 2011


Congratulations, a wonderful sale and a very kind gesture from the author :D

July 08, 2011


It is really a great satisfaction, congratulations! Bye, Francesca

July 08, 2011


That is a nice guesture from Laura and it was good of you to share this with us.
Laura was right in her selection. This picture has a lot of meaning.

July 08, 2011


Congratulations, beautiful image!!!

July 07, 2011


Beauty picture, congrats!

July 07, 2011


That is great feedback! Congratulations

July 07, 2011


That's wonderful. You can be proud.

July 07, 2011



July 07, 2011


Great picture!

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