King Penguins of the Falkland Islands

King Penguins Coming Ashore

Of the five species of penguin to be found on the Falkland Islands, my favourite is the beautiful King Penguin.

Kind Penguin - Bleaker Island - Falkland Islands

The main colony is at Volunteer Point on East Falkland, about 2-3 hours drive from the capital, Stanley. The colony is in good health and numbers are increasing. I understand there are now around 1,000 pairs and chicks.

Adult King Penguin in a Creche of Chicks

King Penguins have an 18 month breeding cycle, which means they are present all year around. The chicks stay on land during the cold subantarctic winter, but are well protected by a thick coat of fluffy down. They also huddle together for protection and warmth.

King Penguins at Volunteer Point

The adults tend to go out to sea in the early morning in groups and return after a few days fishing in small numbers or singly in the afternoon/evening. Early morning is the best time to photograph the penguins as they gather on the beach before heading off to sea.

King Penguins Preening - Falkland Islands

Smaller numbers of King Penguins are found on some of the other islands. I was fortunate to see a pair on Bleaker Island, plus there is a small breeding colony on Saunders Island.

King Penguin with Hungry Chick - Falkland Islands

King Penguins Go to Sea

King Penguins Coming Ashore - Falkland Islands

Photo credits: Jeremy Richards.

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Thank you Suebmtl and Ctmphotog for your comments. Very pleased to hear you like my photos.


Wonderful photos.


Enjoyed your images and article! The penguins look so cute! :)


Thank you Angelaostafichuk, Lana4kask, Sarahbob, Generalul2015, Pindiyath100, Hel080808 for your very kind words. I am delighted you liked the King Penguins; one of my favourite animals.


Yes, Falkland Islands and South Georgia are my favorites! Great pictures! Good luck!


Almost speechless here!!! :P Great job on this series!! Love it!! :))


great pictures,i like your images with penguins :)


Fabulous Photos, just fabulous!


So beautiful)


Love, love, love these photos so much. Every single one is the perfect wildlife photo. The colours, the framing, the way you portrayed these little I'm going to creep on the rest of your photos!

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