Kiss Gate by Brancusi

Poarta Sarutului (meaning Gate of the Kiss in english) is a sculpture made by Constantin Brancusi, and is located in Targu Jiu city (Romania).

The Gate of the Kiss has a tooled surface, broken by the pores of the material. The Gate of the Kiss relates to Romanian much-decorated folk architecture in wood.

The carvers in stone helped Brancusi: Ion Alexandrescu from Bucharest and Golea from Dobrita. The sizes of this work are 5.14 m high and 5.45 m length. The pillars have 1.69 m width. The whole work is disposed on a steel axle in a concrete foundation having 5 m on each side.

The Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, (1876-1957) was a pioneer of abstraction in sculpture art. His sculpture is noted for its visual elegance and sensitive use of materials, combining the directness of peasant carving with the sophistication of the Parisian avant-garde.

Photo credits: Emicristea.

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May 09, 2008


I have to go with my girlfriend there :)

May 09, 2008


Thanks Emi.
Every people is praising their best, and I see this every day on the Canadian and American channels.
I belive we Romanians should follow suit.
For those of you that Brancusi doesn't ring any bell, you can find something about him here.
The legend says that if you kiss underneath the monument, you will be together forever.
One reason for you to visit Romania to find out if it's true.

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