The knowledge of Beijing Opera facial makeup (One)

Drama mask in my photos is one kind of multicolored makeups for actors in the Chinese traditional dramas.

This facial makeup is used for the roles namely "Jing" and "Chou".

They have different and special formats in patterning, coloring and typing.

The connoisseurs can tell apart whether it is a hero or a baddie, wise or foolish, loved or hated, after only one look to the masks. The attractive masks in Beijing Opera take an peculiar role in the makeups for Chinese dramas.

These masks for Beijing Opera are famous with "symbolistic" and "exaggerated".

It displays the character of the part by exerting grandiloquent and anamorphic delineations.

The eyes, forehead and two cheeks are always figured as a bat, a butterfly or wings of a swallow.

And then adding the high-sounding mouths and beezers, a wanted expression will turn out.

They are my four on-line photos about drama masks.

Other introductions and photos of Beijing Opera facial makeups will be described next time.

Photo credits: Lihua Peng.

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