Kodak Vintage Find!

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Feeling the itch to get out of the house, I went downtown to an antique and "stuff" store called Past and Present II. I like to go in here a few times a year because I find very unique props that I can use for my photography. I also keep an eye out for vintage camera equipment in good condition. Today I was fortunate!

Nestled among some kitchen items was a cute little brown box-shaped camera. I set my items down and went to get it. I examined it and found it to be in good cosmetic condition (some cleaning of dust required), and the shutter in working condition! The lens is clear and free of damage, and so is the viewfinder! All I need now is some 127 film and I'll be shooting modern photos with this beautiful 1950's classic!

Photo of my new old Camera

Kenney Studios on Facebook

Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

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February 03, 2010


Thanks for using my old camera! I love the old ones. Haven't used any for stock but maybe I should try it, too. I have a hard time not buying them when I find some but mine are all family pieces so I just stick with them. We could shoot together!!!

February 03, 2010


good thing.

February 03, 2010


Yeah you are fortunate to get this camera. May be you paid lots of money for this.

February 02, 2010


Nice thing:)

February 02, 2010


great find :)

February 02, 2010


Good one! I like these old cameras too, my mother-in-law has one similar to that. :)

February 02, 2010


hahaha that is nice :)

February 02, 2010


Nice find and good image, I have a very similar Kodak oldie.

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