Krakow Legends part3

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Krakow pigeons

Numerous legends purport to explain the presence of numerous pigeons on the Main Square.

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According to one legend, Henry IV Probus,

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who tried to take over the Senioral Province during the period of regional disintegration of Poland, attempted to go to Rome with financial offerings in order to gain papal approval for his coronation.

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However, a certain enchantress turned his knights into pigeons.

They pecked out some pebbles from the walls of St. Mary's Church, which then turned into gold.

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With these riches the prince set off to Vatican, but while on his way he lost everything and never managed to reach his destination.

He returned to Kraków. None of his knights ever regained a human form.

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to be continued...

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Another beautiful legend, Krakow must be a really nice city to medieval character!

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