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Hi all! Seems like it would be good to have an easy place for designers to find pictures celebrating American workers with Labor Day approaching, so I have started a new collection. I am looking for images of people actually working, not posed in front of equipment and nothing with no people. Please check your ports and let me know if you have something suitable. Pictures of mature adullts doing manual labor are especially invited because they are hard to find.

Here are a couple of mine that I have added.

Photo credits: Cjh Photography Llc.

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I have added it. I will just post the link in this comment. Labor Day Photos. Plesae share with your friends who might be looking for something like this.


Here is one possible image to consider of a ground crew member directing an aircraft:

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

Also, could you post the link to your collection? (If it is too late for you to edit your article above, perhaps an admin could add the link?)


I have added both. I especially like the one that shows his facial expression. Thank you for sharing.


I have 2 men working photos... one is 24181013 and the other is 23352217

both are of a man working in the tree cutting industry! id be honored if you add them to your collection!


Nice images! Good luch!


Thank you. You have some great pics, I added a couple to the collection.


Good luck with your images, they are great.

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