Lady Liberty

On a recent trip to NYC I tried to make the most of my visit with various photographs of the major sites. The conditions were not ideal - it was hazy and there was a lot of glare.

But, I like the way a few of these turned out.

I especially liked capturing Lady Liberty with this airplane passing behind her. In a way, a little disconcerting though - reminded me some of 9/11.

Otherwise, I liked these various other images of NYC.

I liked the view of these sail boats against the busy backdrop of the NYC skyline. But on the other hand, without the WTC towers, in some ways its just another city skyline.

This one without the boats may have more marketability. Both of these skyline views were shot late in the afternoon with the sun at my back, providing for crisp details in the buildings.

And I guess this must be one of the most famous images in the world. How can a little amateur like me do it justice? I wish the sky had not been so hazy - the blue sky washed out quite a bit in the bright glare... but, what a great enduring icon of liberty and freedom.

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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