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so, 2010 is finally here, and I am pleased to say I finally was able to get my studio set up in my new city . I had most of my stuff in storage

in my old city, and was relocating too often, I wasn't sure if it was time to settle down ... again.

but the end of 2009 was the most serendipitous when a lovely lady contacted me to say she liked my photographic style and wanted to shoot with me.

I was at this time, at the verge of giving up and packing up to return to my old city due to the lack of prospect in this city . so you can imagine my ambivalence to take her up on her offer.

well, I said yes, simply on the account that she told me she was a libra, and being one, this counts big time with me, as I never met a libra I never liked. After all, us libras are the nicest people you can meet, lol.

anyway, the rest is , as they say, history.

Imagine my joy when we set eyes on each other. From that moment on , as Shania Twain would say, ... well, let's just say, why don't I let the photographs speak for themselves.

2009 ended super well for me with her arrival, and 2010 must only get better. I wish you all had the same serendipitous experience.

So, what else can I say except, "hey, buy my images, huh!!!??? I need to get some money to buy her a thank you present for finding me"

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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January 07, 2010


Hey Everyone,
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for coming in to add you lovely comments.
As always this is the reason why I enjoy writing a new blog...
not just only so much to brag about my gorgeous model, but
also to come back later to see your avatars and recognize most of you.
it's like a supportive community we have here.

BTW, 2010 started the right step for me, I reached payout today,
and have requested my check. I guess I will have some money to buy my lovely photographic partner a little thank you present for finding me.

Also, I want to say a little extra Multumesc to Carmen ...
aka Tangie , who have been so communicative with me everytime I feel like writing her at Support to give her a little bit of trouble, lol.
Here's looking forward to the start of this new decade
and I wish all of us every success here on DT.

May your own private lives bring us all the joys you cherish.
God Bless, Essalam Alaykum, Peace,
May Mother Universe conspire to get you all that you desire.


January 07, 2010


A very very pretty lady indeed :)

January 05, 2010


Congratulations for your studio!Nice photos!

January 05, 2010


Happy New Year :))
Hope you will get the best luck with the new Studio! Cheers ;)

January 05, 2010


Congratulations on setting up your own studio. The images look beautiful. Wish you good luck with the images :)

January 05, 2010


Congratulations, nice pictures. I wish you a happy 2010 with lots of time in your studio!

January 05, 2010


congrats and Have a very Good 2010!

January 05, 2010


Congrats on setting up your studio and the images, sure there will be many more to follow now.

January 05, 2010


fantastic, great to hear that you haven't given up - lovely pics and a very beautiful lady too :)
i'm a libra too and totally agree with you :)

January 05, 2010


Good to knw u finally set up the studio,,,, so now atleast you will not move often, the images looks great, good luck with those images. BTW have you strated uploading the editorial images?????

January 04, 2010


Lovely images, good luck with them and with your new location! Happy New Year!

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