The land of fire and ice in photographs

Every landscape photographer would find a trip to Iceland both challenging and rewarding. The land of fire and ice is truly breathtaking. You will no doubt travel on the ring road which circles the country (there is only one road).

ring road highway in Iceland's southern region

It is fairly easy to take beautiful photographs when the weather is clear as shown above, but in Iceland, the lighting, climate and weather changes drastically on a dime. A mere half hour after taking the photograph of the road above with contrasting colors and little cloud coverage, I had to switch modes to the icy landscape of the glacier lagoon below.

landscape in the glacier lagoon of Iceland

The Golden Circle has even more contrasting landscapes - featuring a glacier, waterfalls and a canyon of tectonic continental plates. The regular rain makes rainbows commonplace. This was the most difficult thing for me to photograph. I did not realize how difficult this was and admit that post-processing became a good friend of mine for those photographs.

Iceland Waterfalls and rainbows

Next, we drove through a volcanic mountain and onto this snow covered glacier. On the glacier, contrast was really the most difficult part of obtaining a nice photograph.

Langjokull Glacier in Iceland

On the way back down from the glacier, a rainstorm descended while we stopped to view a fissure between tectonic plates.

Thingvellier tectonic plates in Iceland

I went to Iceland without any formal training and a brand new fancy camera. Looking back, I wish I had taken some lessons. Ultimately, the results were stunning, but I cannot wait to return equipped with better training.

Travelers to Iceland should be prepared to be challenged. The results are well-worth the effort.

Hiking in the mountains of Iceland

Photo credits: Jaimie Tuchman.

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November 12, 2019


Your images are amazing, congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

November 08, 2019


Very beautiful photos! I think you have great potential!

November 06, 2019


Very nice photos and travel blog. Thanks for writing! William

November 05, 2019


What a great range of scenes! I really enjoyed the rainbow picture. Thank you for this post.

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