The Lantern Festival in China.2008

It is the Lantern Festival (February 21) in China in 15 nights of the first month of the lunar year in the lunar calendar, it is the important component of Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival too.

On that day, in city and village of China, hung up the beautiful color lamp everywhere, watch the festive lantern and guess the lantern riddle and make the light to enjoy and go on a tour and sport, Just like the ocean that a light makes up, spectacular.

In China, this is a lucky festival, brings it to us to the new year and beautiful and future yearning on the Lantern Festival.

This group of pictures are a picture on this year the Lantern Festival of Beijing.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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February 11, 2008


Beautiful images. they look great.

February 11, 2008


Hi..yesterday here in Rome was made a beautifull celebration of the Chinese new year with Dragon dance..really emo0tional..I loved it! and your photo are so beautifull..I LOVE your the lantern festival!!!
Happy new Rat year to everybody!

February 08, 2008


Thanks a lot,The Rat looks so cute:)

February 08, 2008


The Rat looks very happy! Beautiful pics. Thank you!

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