At last... 50th image is up!

After almost a year of inactivity and driven by a few sales I decided to start uploading new images on Dreamstime. This month i doubled my portfolio and eventually reached image no 50 but I'm still wondering should I become a Dreamstime exclusive or should I try to promote my images on other similar websites. What do you think?

Photo credits: Cosmin Anton.

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Congratulations!! as i don't have too much time to handle several microstock website so i choose to be a exclusive at Dreamstime and i believe that more sale will come if you keep uploading more pictures, all the best :)


Good point Rigsby8131... thx for your opinion!


Congratulations on your milestone!!! Like other members here I am restricted as to how much time I can spend on microstock. After trying other agencies I decided to become exclusive here mainly because, for me, the sales and revenue was a lot higher here than anywhere else.

Having said the above, if you have the time, the more agencies you join, more people get to see your work, the more chance you have of sales.

There are a lot of thing to consider before becoming exclusive. My advice would be to read the forums here and on other sites to read what other people have to say. Decide how much time you have to spend on microstock, then make your decision.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck for the future!!!


Congratulations, I'm exclusive here because I don't have the time to go to several agencies.


@Picstudio... thx... can you answer my question about exclusivity being an important contributor to Dreamstime. What made you go exclusive with them and why didn't you keep publishing photos on other similar websites?




Congratulation for your portfolio! I became exclusive after my 50th upload. I think that it was a good decision for me.


Congratulations on your first 50 Acosmin. I also became exclusive soon after reaching 50. I do not have a fantastic portfolio and a large number of sales but straight away after becoming exclusive my photos were being seen in the searches more and I did get a boost in my sales. It is also very encouraging to keep submitted more images because of the gradual climb in revenue for each submission. What ever you decide to do i wish you all the best. :)


congratulations for the first 50! I went exclusive straight away after I had my 50 and I would do it again - but that's everyone's own decision :)


Nice job. I've hit the 50 milestone a few weeks ago and became exclusive. I don't regret and keep uploading. Keep up the great work.


Thanks for sharing :)


I belong to 3 different stock websites, Dreamstime included. I've been actively but slowly contributing images to the sites for almost 2 years. The images I have on those sites are roughly the same, except for the handful of exclusive images I have here on Dreamstime. I can tell you that my revenue per download on Dreamstime is the highest of all the sites, at $1.11 per download. The other sites are $0.72 RPD and $0.60 RPD. One site, that begins with the number 1, is going to reduce their royalties, for smaller contributors like me, starting in 2013. What I like about Dreamstime is that as your images go up in Levels, your revenue gets a really nice boost over time. Why I haven't gone exclusive? I'm seriously considering it, but I've got so much invested in the other sites that it's hard to leave. If I get a few more Extended Licenses here, that would be the kicker for me to move to Exclusive.


I was thinking if I go exclusive later I'll still get the bonus credits from the previous sales and uploads, so why rush! :)


I can't help you make that decision, but I will say that once you go exclusive you will be credited the exclusive rates on the sales you've made thus far. Just went exclusive myself, and that was a nice surprise.


Congratulations! I am still working on my first 50, so I will let more experienced members help with your question.


Nice job. Keep up the good work!

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